Example of drugs from plants are: Aspirin, quinine, morphine and many more. However a large proportion of drugs made from plants are not medically used. Drugs must be tested before given out to people to use. This is because they are substances that cause changes to the body. If they are not created correctly for […]

Antibodies play a key role in our immune system. They are proteins that are produced by the immune system to target and fight off antigens trying to cause an infection. For example this could be bacteria, a virus or another organism that is invading our body. A pathogen will enter our body and soon our […]

The invention of the microscope was a huge step forward to our knowledge of almost everything. We are now able to discover things on a microscopic level. This allows us to find out about the structure of cells and what they do. We were able to discover our genes and why we are how we […]

Darwin’s theory of natural selection is when species over millions of years slowly adapt to their habitat to survive. Some are born with small characteristic changes that make it easier to survive and pass these traits on to their offspring. An example of this is peppered moths. Over a long time their pale colour turned […]

1. Introduction. How the old man lives and how much the fish will mean to him if he catches it. For example no fish for 84 days. (Do not give my own point of view) 2. Start with saying things about how he is on his own looking for big fish. Characteristics and quotes – […]

Being on this boat doesn’t feel the same. The old man has been with me for ages, he taught me how to fish since 5 years old. I remember it all even to today. This guy I’m on the boat with is just too strict. Getting up so early in the morning, I just need […]

The boy would… Think about the Old Man, think about for how he is doing – is everything well or not. Hope that the Old Man was right about the 85th day being lucky. Wish how he was on the man’s boat to talk and catch fish with him. Catch lots of decent sized fish […]

This film is a western film. The main character is a 14 year old girl named Mattie Ross who goes on a journey to take revenge of her father’s death. She knows that the killer is a man called Tom Chaney but he had fled a long way before getting caught. Mattie goes to seek […]

In this non-fiction book a man, James Bowen, lives rough on the streets of London. Taking drugs, and busksĀ for a living. This means he has barely enough money to keep the rent on his apartment and potentially could end up on the streets. Already this links to the theme of ruggedness because it is someone […]

Voting is important. It lets you tells your thoughts on things without anything stopping you. In elections for president, we all want that one person we agree and like to be president. However if you do not vote, there is less of a chance of them being it. Some may say that them self, the […]